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You said yourself that you found out she is rich only after you fell in love with her, and it is probably the same for her.

She loves you for who you are, not for the amount of money you have on your bank (even though, according to you, that isn't much).

If you have a problem and you don't talk about it with her, then how is she supposed to know you have a problem? Oh and one more thing: love isn't about money.

More recently standards and views have changed and the idea of the woman earning more than the man is not frowned upon.

A male is not made to feel less of a man if he is not able to bring home the bacon to a much bigger extent than his partner but people are more realistic.

If you can get access to the 19th hole than you can chat away as much as you want.

It is not only a matter of knowing where to look but what you need to look out for.

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"Your folks just aren't rich enough," she'd said."And how does she know that? The answer shocked me."She hired a private detective."Two years later my son ran into Lilly at the rooftop bar at the Standard. She had gotten pregnant, then married the child's father, a man her grandmother chose. Since the money was really theirs, when his parents threatened to disinherit him, he and Lilly divorced.

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