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"I thought it was kind of weird," he said, of being told to read a book about a sport he had never played, except on a Wii. By graduation, he had eleven more sacks, giving him 30.5 for his career.It sat unopened all week until, feeling no better, he brought it with him to the team hotel before a game against Oregon. The Seahawks selected Jackson in the first round of the 2008 NFL Draft.

As I got to know him, he explained that he had spent the last several years developing a "unified theory" of psychology.

Rather, Gallwey presents various approaches — concentrate on the ball to distract your brain from screwing up your swing; think about where your racket is, not what it's doing right or wrong — to help tennis players keep their mental state from getting in the way of peak physical performance.

Carroll had found the book so useful in his job as a football coach that he had since given it to USC stars Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush, and Carson Palmer, among many others.

After a few months of teaching, he grew frustrated that while his pupils were listening to, and trying to follow, his advice, they weren't seeming to make significant improvement.

"I was beginning to learn what all good pros and students of tennis must learn," Gallwey wrote in his manuscript. One question perplexed me: What's wrong with trying? "When Gallwey finished writing his book in 1972, his publisher predicted it would sell 20,000 copies, mostly to tennis hackers looking to improve their forehand.

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This program came about after several conversations that a friend (who goes by the name of "Dr.

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